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On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 3:08 PM Christian Ehrhardt <
christian.ehrhardt at> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at 12:38 PM Christian Ehrhardt <
> christian.ehrhardt at> wrote:
> ...
>> Class III:
>> - php-http-request2
>>   - PHP Fatal error:  Declaration of
>> HTTP_Request2_Adapter_CommonNetworkTest::setUp() must be compatible with
>> PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::setUp(): void in
>> /tmp/autopkgtest.Ih0Z0B/build.kMc/src/HTTP_Request2-2.3.0/tests/Request2/Adapter/CommonNetworkTest.php
>> on line 5 (no idea yet)
>> - php-net-ldap2 - same as the error in php-http-request2
>> => TODO Class III issues are still open and free for grabbing by anyone
> Taking a first look at these now ...

Note: both packages are rather rarely updated. Both still refer to git://

Note: There is an old patch `phpunit6_compatibility.patch` that touches the
offending file already.

The code extends phpunit:
  abstract class HTTP_Request2_Adapter_CommonNetworkTest extends

This is defined in phpunit src/Framework/TestCase.php:
 416     protected function setUp(): void

 417     {

 418     }


 122     protected function setUp()

Ok, it seems the :void type was added and needs to be adapted for.

Trying to recreate the same in a local VM works, so we can iterate in there.

The tests will succeed if we just append the : void as needed.

But it becomes clear that they will need more work later.
The result is RC==0 but showing a lot of:
The @expectedException, @expectedExceptionCode, @expectedExceptionMessage,
and @expectedExceptionMessageRegExp annotations are deprecated. They will
be removed in PHPUnit 9. Refactor your test to use expectException(),
expectExceptionCode(), expectExceptionMessage(), or
expectExceptionMessageRegExp() instead.

We also now hit the issue rbasak looked at and has a debdiff attached.
=> PHP Warning:  file_put_contents(/usr/bin/.phpunit.result.cache): failed
to open stream: Permission denied in
/usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Runner/DefaultTestResultCache.php on line 108

The root cause change in phpunit can be seen here
and explained here

Here are two debdiffs for bryce to consider.
They will need the debdiff that Rbasak provided in -proposed first.

P.S. The projects seem dormant, not sure if upstreaming is worth. Both
compat v6 and v7 patches are not usptreamed either. The way it is we can
retain them ... for now.
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