Monday Triage Report (2020-06-22)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Tue Jun 23 14:18:54 UTC 2020


Sorry for the delay.

This Monday Christian and I did the joint triage session, and it was
great.  Here are the bugs that I think are noteworthy:

--- - *(Fix Released)  [ruby2.5]        - Regression in backported patch for openssl 1.1

Ping'ed Lucas about it, just to make sure he's aware.

--- - (Fix Released)   [libvirt]        - Error creating a VM: internal error: No PCI buses available

With Christian's help, we determined that the new failure reported in
comment #7 is not related to the bug itself, so I asked the person to
open a new bug against virt-manager.

--- - *(New)           [openssh]        - ssh-add asks about passphrases for keys already unlocked in the keychain

Set priority to low; told the reporter it's better to file a bug

--- - (Confirmed)      [samba]          - Logrotate failed to start in LUbuntu 20.04

Ping'ed Andreas about this.

--- - (New)            [sssd]           - sssd  got killed due to segfault in ubuntu 16.04 

Marked as Incomplete, since it's not possible to reproduce the bug and
the reporter didn't provide a coredump.

--- - (Confirmed)      [python-oauth]   - uses cgi.parse_qs which isn't available anymore

Another python-oauth-should-be-removed bug.  The reporter said
python-oauth depends on something that's been deprecated on python3 and
is not available on python3.8.  The strange part, however, is that Adam
said that python-oauth is working on Focal, which ships python3.8.  So I
left a comment asking Adam to clarify this.

--- - (New)            [tftp-hpa]       - package tftpd-hpa 5.2+20150808-1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: installed tftpd-hpa package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

Likely a user configuration problem.  Left a comment explaining and
marked as Incomplete.

--- - (New)            [mysql-8.0]      - package mysql-server 8.0.20-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: problemas de dependĂȘncia - deixando desconfigurado

Possible user configuration issue.  Marked as Incomplete and provided
some possible "fix".

Thanks, and kudos to Christian for the help!

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