Triage report - Wednesday 2019-06-17

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Fri Jun 19 11:50:10 UTC 2020

Bugs last updated on 2020-06-16 (Tuesday)
Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 13 bugs - *+(Incomplete) [monitoring-plugins] - latest
update 2.2-3ubuntu3 caused check_ntp_time to fail

> end user thought this was a regression from my previous update to monitoring-plugins
> cpaelzer pointed me out this bug, checking possibilities, it is not possible
> it's a new bug for bionic and "incomplete" - * (Incomplete) [mysql-8.0] - MySQL client
fails to connect, seems to force SSL

> replied to user giving example on openssl.cnf file (enabling @SECLEVEL=1, etc) - * (New) [php7.4] - PHP built from source
performs much better than the Ubuntu packaged version

> quick perf report analysis on performance issue brought by end user, mentioning todo's

Bugs tagged 'server-next' and not touched in 60 days
Found 0 bugs

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 0 bugs

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