Tuesday Triage report (2020-06-16)

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at canonical.com
Tue Jun 16 20:57:43 UTC 2020

Hi there,

This is my first bug triage.  Today was Kanashiro's triage day
originally.  He helped me during the entire process, so kudos to him.

Here's the list of noteworthy bugs:

--- https://pad.lv/1773529 - *(Invalid)       [exim4]          - [SRU] Missing DKIM fixes in Xenial (Exim 4.86)

This bug is kind of old, and has been marked as Invalid for Xenial
because it requires the backport of a huge number of patches from
upstream.  The reporter commented on it saying he thinks the bug can be
considered a good candidate for an SRU on Xenial because it can cause
loss of user data.  Initially, I thought about commenting saying that we
don't like the idea of backporting so many patches to an Ubuntu release
that is already old, but then, after discussing with Kanashiro, we
decided to tag it as server-triage-discuss.  Maybe we can talk about it
during tomorrow's standup.

--- https://pad.lv/1835968 - (Fix Released)   [ruby2.5]        - Regression in backported patch for openssl 1.1

Kanashiro wasn't aware of this bug, and told me he was going to take a
look at it.  The fix has been release, but apparently it wasn't
forwarded upstream, so the bug might be back on ruby2.7.

--- https://pad.lv/1868703 - *(New)           [sssd]           - Backport ad_use_ldaps because of ADV190023

The reporter ping'ed the bug.  It seems there is a patch ready, and
Andreas did an initial investigation and linked to an upstream
discussion.  Maybe we could even tag it as bitesize?

--- https://pad.lv/1882791 - *(Incomplete)    [mysql-8.0]      - package mysql-server-8.0 8.0.20-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: installed mysql-server-8.0 package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1

This really looks like something messed up in the user's system, so I
left a comment reinforcing Rafael's diagnostic.

--- https://pad.lv/1883469 - (New)            [sssd]           -  idmap_sss: improve man page

Marked as triaged, added server-next and bitesize tags.  Also set the
priority to Low.

--- https://pad.lv/1883577 - (New)            [lm-sensors]     - column layout in sensors is broken for voltages  of 1000.00 mV

As per the description itself, this is a cosmetic bug.  Nonetheless, I
think the reporter could/should have provided more information on how to
reproduce it, so I marked as Incomplete.

--- https://pad.lv/1883584 - (New)            [postfix]        - MX and NS Sender Access Checks - Unreliable

Seems like a real bug, but I haven't tried to reproduce it.  I also felt
like the reporter could provide more info on how to properly reproduce
the problem, so I marked it as Incomplete.

Aside from the bugs mentioned above, there are these 3 bugs that haven't
been touched in 180 days:

--- https://pad.lv/1003842 - (Triaged)        [dnsmasq]        - dnsmasq sometimes fails to resolve private names in networks with non-equivalent nameservers

Just a reminder.  I'm not sure this bug is really ours, since it's been
assigned to other people already, and apparently nobody from our team
left any comments there.

--- https://pad.lv/1015819 - (Triaged)        [cyrus-sasl2]    - sb_sasl_generic_pkt_length: received illegal packet length when using Active Directory and ldapsearch and sasl with ssl or tls

I set "Won't Fix" for Cosmic.

--- https://pad.lv/1641203 - (Triaged)        [sssd]           - SSSD can't process GPO from Active Directory when it contains lines with no equal sign

Just a reminder.


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