Monday Triage (2020-06-15) - Did by accident @paride, sorry

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Mon Jun 15 07:07:34 UTC 2020

Bugs last updated between 2020-06-12 (Friday) and 2020-06-14 (Sunday) inclusive
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 20 bugs -  (Confirmed)     [krb5]           - Getting
new DN is out of the realm subtree error on adding principal

> subscribed ebarretto (author of the security fix that caused the regression)
> subscribed ubuntu-server
> triaged for trusty, fix released for groovy -  (Confirmed)     [mysql-8.0]      - mysql
timeoutsec results in killing mysql process

> triaged for all supported releases
> tagged as server-next and high prio for groovy
> it shall be an easy fix/sru: disable TimeoutSec from systemd service unit (upstreamed already) -  (Confirmed)     [mysql-8.0]      - package
mysql-server-8.0 8.0.20-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 failed to install/upgrade:
installed mysql-server-8.0 package post-installation script subprocess
returned error exit status 1

> incomplete (upgrade)
> could not stop previous instance issue (very frequent) -  (Confirmed)     [apache2]        - package
apache2 2.4.41-4ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso
instalado paquete apache2 script post-installation devolvió el código
de salida de error 1

> similar upgrade issues have been seen with apache2 and its mods
> asked @bryce if he hadn't worked on this (iirc) recently
> it seems that deferred pkg configuration (after deps) does not work -  (New)           [mysql-8.0]      - package
mysql-server-8.0 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: el
subproceso nuevo paquete mysql-server-8.0 script pre-installation
devolvió el código de salida de error 1

> incomplete, weird error about /etc/mysql/FROZEN
> asked more information -  (New)           [sosreport]      - [kvm]
change check_enabled to /dev/kvm

> sosreport and @slashd is on it, nothing on our side -  (New)           [qemu]           - USB
serial device passtrough causes qemu to segfault and kill the VM

> asked for detailed reproducer or core file
> subscribed ubuntu-virt and @cpaelzer
> stated as incomplete until then -  (New)           [bind9]          - bind9
/var/cache/bind rights not set properly

> not a bug, end user wanted to document his finding more than anything
> flagged as opinion and subscribed ubuntu-server

Bugs tagged 'server-next' and not touched in 60 days
Found 2 bugs - (Triaged)        [dnsmasq]        - missing
EDNS0 record confuses systemd-resolved
also:                  - (New)            [systemd]        - missing
EDNS0 record confuses systemd-resolved

> @ddstreet seems to have caught this to himself, cc'ing him

Bugs in backlog and not touched in 180 days
Found 0 bugs

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