Triage report (2020-06-08, Monday triage)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Mon Jun 8 14:59:42 UTC 2020

18 bugs to look at, interesting ones:

LP: #1882279 - (New) [php7.4] - PHP from the official Docker image
performs much better than the Ubuntu packaged version

Focal PHP performance issue. The proposed benchmark is certainly very
limited, but I imagine the user hit the problem in production and then
did his best to reduce it to a very simple scenario.

I added some more detailed steps to reproduce, I think it's worth
investigating. I subscribed the team.

LP: #1831773 - *(Fix Released)  [mysql-5.7]      - High CPU usage, MySQL

The original bug submitted claims that the upstream patch didn't work
for him. I asked for more info and marked Incomplete.

LP: #1868955 - *(Triaged)       [postfix]        - after upgrade to
20.04: posttls cannot connect to private/tlsmgr

I found two upstream discussion on this issue and a possible workaround.
Waiting to hear if it works.

LP: #1882272 - (New)            [lm-sensors]     - fancontrol does not
work after sleep/wakeup

Bug reported in Debian in 2012. I do not agree with the suggested
solution, but I agree it's a valid bug. Subscribed the team.

LP: #1874953 - *+(New)          [smartmontools]  - dpkg: conffile
difference visualizer subprocess returned error exit status 127

Bug caused by 'less' being moved from /bin to /usr/bin, operation that
leaved the 'pager' alternative in a broken state during the upgrade
process, up to the point when the 'less' package is configured.

Could be fixed by moving the call to update-alternatives to the preinst
script, as suggested by xnox, who is working on it. In Progress.


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