Triage report (2020-07-23)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Fri Jul 24 10:31:42 UTC 2020

Found 16 bugs, just one worth mentioning:

LP: #1832182 - *+(Triaged)      [apache2]        - systemd unable to
detect running apache if invoked via apache2ctl graceful

This server-next bug received a priority bump in the associated debbug
task, which I interpret as a poke. I had a look at the patch proposed by
the bug submitter, it's not perfect but the idea is the right one. More
details on the comment I left. I also commented on the Debian bug.

As the apache2ctl script is part of the packaging the scope of the
change is well known, with little risk of regressions.


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