Triage report (2020-07-08)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Wed Jul 8 16:03:48 UTC 2020

Found 19 bugs, worth mentioning are:

LP: #1886704 - (New)            [qemu]           - qemu fails to init
vhost_user if > 8 memory regions

Wip/discussion bug filed by ddstreet on how to overcome a qemu limit
still present upstream. Qemu and dpdk? I subscribed Christian :)

LP: #1886677 - (New)            [ipxe]           - bootp replies go missing

The user reports that compiling ipxe from git works. I asked for more
information to help identify what change fixes the problem, and marked
the bug Incomplete.

LP: #1883875 - (Confirmed)      [python-oauth]   - uses
cgi.parse_qs which isn't available anymore

This requires an ugly fix and an upload. I'm not sure on who owns the


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