Triage report Friday the 3rd of July

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Jul 3 08:01:27 UTC 2020

Today I was greeted with an uncommon high number of 62 bugs to triage.

But the majority of these were due to two bug-triage-frenzies:
- Bryce worked through open apache2 bugs
- Steve closed several bugs only that were still open for 19.04 Disco

After removing these I had 16 bugs left which would be a normal number for
a friday.
The rest was mostly the team working on bugs, or status update for ongoing

Left and interesting are:

A bug about unbound (1885907) I tagged server-next as I think without our
help it won't move.

sambe 1885940 about net join ads with kerberos - TBH I think I need Andreas
to triage this well, so I subscribed him,

cloud-utils 1882389 seems to be a valid bug and has a very active reporter
with tests and suggested fixes on day #1.
I've pinged Dan/Rick to make sure this isn't forgotten and also set them to
CC on this mail.
I just want to ensure this isn't lost in between our two squads :-)

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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