Triage and Migration report - Friday the 31st of January

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Jan 31 10:38:01 UTC 2020

## Triage ##

Got 20 current bugs, no 60/180 day timeouts.

As usual most of them were already worked on and under control.
Some needed a comment or some triaging, but not much.
Worth to mention (actually new) were:

GPSD - 1790496
We added an apparmor profile and knew there would be small misses for all
the special cases that gpsd can have.
This adds "the control via gpsdctl" as one such case that was missed.
I created a fix and submitted it to Debian which usually is fast and this
is a sync atm.

Samba - 1861316
As discussed with Paride yesterday I added some background details.
Paride already has susbcribed Steve to answer that authoratively for the

Further two lovely mailman wrong local config errors ...

## Proposed Migration ##

- I added a update-excuse bug for qemu => 1861482
  Mostly for the sake of avoiding others to work on it while it is solved

- Steve resolved my postgresl-12 MP so these things are gone for good

- samba, ldb, unbound, rdma-core all depend on python3-defaults to migrate
  No further action from our side.

- memcached FTBFS
  The FTBFS is on s390x only [1]
  Broken in Debian the same way [2]
  Fail on unittest assertion:

  ok 10 - stats_prefix_record_set
  testapp: testapp.c:355: test_stats_prefix_dump: Assertion
`strcmp(expected, stats_prefix_dump(&length)) == 0' failed.

  I checked the latest tarball from upstream and it is reproducible without
any Debian/Ubuntu delta. So it is an issue in the recent 1.5.21 release.
  The same is true for their git-master branch.

  Seems like a swap of the tests on big-endian?
  I filed [3] for now


- re2c has i386 test issues
  Bryce already retried it a few weeks ago.
  The issues started i386 only with the new version 1.3-1
  Debian doesn't run i386 tests
  I re-checked Bryce results and opened this MP for it:

Hey our per-team page fits on one screen again \o/

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd
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