Proposed migration report for 2020-01-22 (Wednesday)

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Jan 22 19:00:22 UTC 2020

## Bug Triage ##

Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 7 bugs

Nothing needed action.

## Proposed Migration ##

Earlier, I fixed python3-nose (LP: #1859880) to not rely on python2 for
building its code documentation.  Several packages on our list were
blocked by this, including blinker and python-tempita; probably a bunch
of others as well, and was planning on continuing this line of work
today.  Unfortunately, while my MP was awaiting review, nose was
permitted to migrate without a fix.

I worked on fixing pymysql (LP: #1843758), which appears to have been
missed during the mysql8 transition - it needed many of the same changes
that php did.  My plan was to finish this up today.  Unfortunately, in
the interim the autopkgtest case was changed to be skipped and pymysql
was allowed into the archive unfixed.

I am now going to look at the exim4 proposed migration blockage.
When merging in the new exim4 package, Christian discovered
spamassassin FTBFS, and has asked me to investigate.  I have filed
LP: #1860588 against Spamassassin, tagged 'update-excuse' and with
myself assigned, to track the work.  The card for this is


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