Triage and migration report (2020-01-07)

Andreas Hasenack andreas at
Fri Jan 10 17:35:54 UTC 2020

# Tuesday triage (bugs touched on the previous Monday)

## 2020-01-07 (Tuesday triage)

14 bugs, of which just one was "new"
LP: #1858374 - (New)            [ipxe]           - add --id=ipxe to
easly identify ipxe menu entry

1 server-next not touched in 60 days:
LP: #1673357 - (Triaged)        [munin]          - Munin core plugin
if_ doesn't work
Still valid and in our queue, needs an SRU

1 backlog not touched in 180 days:
LP: #1712589 - (Confirmed)      [mod-wsgi]       - Apache2 mod-wsgi
segfault on double reload
A bit tricky to reproduce, no new info since last time.

# Migration
Today I finished handling krb5, volatildap and the openldap migration,
as they were entangling each other. I'm also reviewing pcs and
pyagentx which will untangle net-snmp.

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