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Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Fri Jan 10 08:11:16 UTC 2020

# Bug Triage

One can see that now everyone is back, reasonable counts again for a Friday
Bugs last updated on 2020-01-09 (Thursday): Found 13 bugs

Worth to mention:
  Per an internal discussion (thanks xnox & Steve!)
   - we should badtest it for all releases, as this is simply documenting
     status quo that the autopkgtests have regressed in -updates and should
   - For the test-only fix per
     it is appropriate to upload openssh to -proposed for all effective
releases, using
     the block-proposed-$series tags.
   For now I subscribed the Team.
   @xnox - just to be sure in which field the ball is on this - will you
drive this further?

  Change in SECLEVEL=2 & tls1.2-min
  Among other things this seems to affect a few ruby bits.
  @Lucas - do you think you could take a look when you look at ruby anyway?
           Sync with xnox as he might already have something for it by then.

# Proposed migration

- dpdk blocking elfutils, systemd
  - Formerly appeared as dkms issue, now partially has odd dependencies
    19.11 and 18.11.
  - That will eventually be resolved by the dpdk 19.11 in proposed once
available for testing.
    But unfortunately the build infra decided to get stuck on this so it
might take a few more days.

- virglrenderer - broken on s390x
  - still waiting on feedback for
  - If nothing shows up we might disable s390x build (as it seems broken)
OR mask the test
  - We are talking (thanks JFH) with IBM about their POV to virglrenderer

- all others are in flight by one or another action already going on
  Instead I took a few minutes to look at the remaining postgres-11 removal
  - rdkit 201909.1-1 completed in Debian to bring postgresql-12-rdkit
    The old delta was just forcing it to test pg-11
    Can be synced IMHO
    @Andreas do you agree?
  - we track some external bugs, but none of the others move upstream yet:
    wal2json, cstore-fdw, pglogical, php-horde-db

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