Triage and Migration report - Wed Feb 12, 2020

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Feb 12 18:31:26 UTC 2020

## Triage ##

Date range identified as: "Wednesday triage"
Found 20 bugs

LP: #1862437 - (New)            [bind9]          - Ubuntu 16.10 & later, & derivatives do not query the assigned DNS server
* Diagnostic command they provided didn't let me reproduce the issue.
--> Incomplete, with request for more detailed explanation

LP: #1862770 - (New)            [mysql-8.0]      - MySQL autopkgtest regressed in Focal release pocket
* Another report about hardcoded date
--> Duped to 1862364

LP: #1862830 - (New)            [sosreport]      - Update sosreport to 3.9
* Just a merge tracking bug

LP: #1862849 - (New)            [probert]        - scan for dasd drives
* Request to add support for scanning dasd drives
--> Wishlist

## Proposed Migration ##

I brought up
to date, including adding a few new packages on our list.  I briefly
investigated a couple:

  - Failure on i386
  - Appears due to unmet dependencies for gcc:i386 and make:i386

  - From log, looks like there was a timeout at 84% done while the test
    was running, following main.perror. The previous run failed
    similarly but at 92% following test case main.subselect.
  - Guessing this needs an adjustment to allow for longer running tests,
    or to shorten the test run?

Both of these look like things foundations team is likely to resolve
themselves so didn't take action on them.


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