Merge Opportunities Report - 2020-12-14

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Mon Dec 14 16:20:01 UTC 2020

New Mergeable Version in Debian Unstable
high  apache2                   2.4.46-2                   2.4.46-1ubuntu2                  
high  open-iscsi                2.1.2-2                    2.1.2-1ubuntu1                   
low   containerd                1.4.3~ds1-1                1.3.7-0ubuntu5                   
low   corosync                  3.1.0-1                    3.0.3-2ubuntu3                   
low   krb5                      1.18.3-4                   1.17-10ubuntu1                   
low   liburing                  0.7-2                      0.6-3ubuntu1                     
low   monitoring-plugins        2.2-7                      2.2-6ubuntu2                     
low   mysql-8.0                 8.0.22-1                   8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.10.2          
low   mysql-defaults            1.0.6                      1.0.5ubuntu2                     
low   net-snmp                  5.9+dfsg-3                 5.8+dfsg-5ubuntu2                
low   net-tools                 1.60+git20181103.0eebece-1 1.60+git20180626.aebd88e-1ubuntu2
low   openldap                  2.4.56+dfsg-1              2.4.53+dfsg-1ubuntu5             
low   pacemaker                 2.0.5~rc3-1                2.0.4-2ubuntu3.1                 
low   python-maxminddb          2.0.3-1                    1.5.4-0ubuntu3                   
low   runc                      1.0.0~rc92+dfsg1-5         1.0.0~rc10-0ubuntu3              
low   strongswan                5.9.1-1                    5.8.4-1ubuntu2                   
low   subunit                   1.4.0-2                    1.4.0-0ubuntu1                   
low   tgt                       1:1.0.80-1                 1:1.0.79-3ubuntu1                

New Version in Experimental
high  tmux                      3.2~rc3-1                 3.1c-1                   
low   dpdk                      20.11-1                   19.11.5-1                
low   haproxy                   2.3.2-1                   2.2.6-1                  
low   http-parser               2.9.3-1                   2.9.2-2                  
low   libqb                     2.0.1-1                   1.0.6-2                  
low   php-defaults              80~exp1                   76ubuntu1                
low   python-django             2:3.1.4-1                 2:2.2.17-1               
low   spamassassin              4.0.0~0.0svn1883449-1     3.4.5~pre1-3             

New Syncs

New Upstream not in Debian
high  at                        UNKNOWN                   3.1.23-1.1ubuntu1        
high  bcache-tools              UNKNOWN                   1.0.8-4ubuntu1           
high  multipath-tools           0.8.5                     0.8.4-4ubuntu2           
high  postfix                   3.5.8                     3.5.6-1                  
high  procmail                  UNKNOWN                   3.22-26                  
(Low priority upstream releases skipped)

high == Packages seeded for Ubuntu-Server
low == Non-seeded packages Server team is subscribed to

Merges last authored or uploaded by Server team member or alumnus (via Merge-o-Matic)

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