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> This third item I'm not sure how we're going to get around, or if we
>> even can.  There was an idea expressed early on to introduce a new
>> package with the simple purpose of hackily shimming out this
>> `deb-systemd-invoke stop` call from docker's prerm before doing anything
>> at all with the or containerd packages.  Should we revisit
>> this idea?  Or should we simply accept that we're going to trigger the
>> bug for all users one more time in order to get the long term fix in
>> place?
> Could this be done in the update. The idea being that it's the
> containerd package that's doing this and a update could do the
> shim work without the need of a 3rd package. This means that we have to
> rely on the time difference in the docker vs the containerd release change
> to do the best we can.

And just confirming, after speaking with Bryce and Sergio, that this is not
the case and that docker itself is restarting itself on any upgrade
regardless of the debconf setting. Ignore me here.
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