Merge Opportunities Report - 2020-08-24

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Mon Aug 24 15:34:52 UTC 2020

New Version in Debian Unstable
high  apache2                   2.4.46-1                  2.4.43-1ubuntu2          
high  bind9                     1:9.16.6-2                1:9.16.4-1ubuntu2        
high  chrony                    3.5.1-1                   3.5-9ubuntu2             
high  nut                       2.7.4-12                  2.7.4-11ubuntu4          
high  tftp-hpa                  5.2+20150808-1.1          5.2+20150808-1ubuntu4    
low   containerd                1.4.0~ds1-1               1.3.6-0ubuntu1           
low   exim4                     4.94-7                    4.94-6ubuntu1            
low   libvirt                   6.6.0-1                   6.0.0-0ubuntu11          
low   mod-wsgi                  4.7.1-1                   4.6.8-1ubuntu3           
low   nginx                     1.18.0-6                  1.18.0-3ubuntu2          
low   runc                      1.0.0~rc92+dfsg1-3        1.0.0~rc10-0ubuntu1      
low   ssh-import-id             5.10-1                    5.10-0ubuntu1            

New Version in Experimental
high  openvpn                   2.5~beta1-3               2.4.9-3ubuntu1           
high  spamassassin              4.0.0~0.0svn1879217-2     3.4.5~pre1-3             
high  tmux                      3.2~rc2-1                 3.1b-1                   
low   haproxy                   2.2.2-1                   2.0.17-1                 
low   http-parser               2.9.3-1                   2.9.2-2                  
low   python-django             2:3.1-2                   2:2.2.15-2               

New Upstream not in Debian
high  at                        UNKNOWN                   3.1.23-1ubuntu2          
high  bcache-tools              UNKNOWN                   1.0.8-4ubuntu1           
high  checksecurity             UNKNOWN                   2.0.16+nmu1ubuntu1       
high  clamav                    0.103.0~rc                0.102.4+dfsg-1build1     
high  drbd-utils                UNKNOWN                   9.11.0-1build1           
high  libapache2-mod-auth-plain UNKNOWN                   2.0.52                   
high  logwatch                  7.5.4/logwatch-7.5.4      7.5.4-0ubuntu1           
high  numactl                   2.0.13                    2.0.12-1build1           
high  open-iscsi                2.1.2                     2.1.1-1ubuntu2           
high  procmail                  UNKNOWN                   3.22-26                  
high  setserial                 UNKNOWN                   2.17-52                  
high  squid                     4.13                      4.12-1ubuntu1            
high  sysstat                   12.4.0                    12.3.3-1                 
high  wakeonlan                 UNKNOWN                   0.41-12                  
high  whois                     UNKNOWN                   5.5.6                    
(Low priority upstream releases skipped)

high == Packages seeded for Ubuntu-Server
low == Non-seeded packages Server team is subscribed to

Merges last authored or uploaded by Server team member or alumnus (via Merge-o-Matic)
libjpeg-turbo                       Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
partconf                            Adam Conrad                         
python-os-service-types             Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui            James Page
byobu                               Dustin Kirkland                     
ssh-import-id                       Scott Moser                         Stephen Scott Moser
nfs-utils                           Marc Deslauriers                    
libvirt                             Marc Deslauriers                    
python-decorator                    Corey Bryant                        
openvswitch                         James Page                          
libpam-krb5                         Leonidas S. Barbosa                 Marc Deslauriers
lasso                               Corey Bryant                        
python-pbr                          Corey Bryant                        
ppp                                 Marc Deslauriers                    
websockify                          James Page                          
python-pypowervm                    Corey Bryant                        
python-os-client-config             Corey Bryant                        
python-microversion-parse           Corey Bryant                        
python-keystonemiddleware           Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-django-debreach              Sahid Orentino Ferdjaoui            James Page
python-designateclient              Corey Bryant                        
python-debtcollector                Corey Bryant                        
migrate                             Corey Bryant                        
python-pyscss                       Corey Bryant                        
iptables                            Jamie Strandboge                    
python-os-brick                     Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
nginx                               Bryce Harrington                    
neutron-fwaas                       Corey Bryant                        
python-swiftclient                  Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
nss                                 Sergio Durigan Junior               Rafael David Tinoco
apache2                             Bryce Harrington                    
mysql-8.0                           Marc Deslauriers                    
klibc                               Adam Conrad                         
ghostscript                         Marc Deslauriers                    
python-glareclient                  James Page                          
python-congressclient               James Page                          
gnocchi                             James Page                          
zaqar-ui                            Corey Bryant                        
ironic-ui                           Corey Bryant                        
libpam-ccreds                       Andreas Hasenack                    
kannel                              Andreas Hasenack                    
libembperl-perl                     Adam Conrad                         
nbdkit                              Rafael David Tinoco                 
php-league-commonmark               Bryce Harrington                    
isc-kea                             Andreas Hasenack                    
xapian-bindings                     Rafael David Tinoco                 
cacti                               Bryce Harrington                    
wordpress                           Marc Deslauriers                    
python-sqlalchemy-utils             Chris MacNaughton                   Corey Bryant
python-django-formtools             Corey Bryant                        
tempest                             James Page                          
murano-dashboard                    Corey Bryant                        
php-parser                          Bryce Harrington                    
vitrage                             Corey Bryant                        
golang-go.uber-zap                  Andreas Hasenack                    
fish                                Andreas Hasenack                    
dgit                                Sergio Durigan Junior               Bryce Harrington
w1retap                             Andreas Hasenack                    
openexr                             Marc Deslauriers                    
python-edgegrid                     Corey Bryant                        

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