Proposed migration report

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Tue Aug 18 19:03:39 UTC 2020

On Monday, August 17 2020, Bryce Harrington wrote:

> ### rabbitmq-server ###
> Blocked by bunny.  This was mentioned by Lucas (iirc) at standup today.

I filed the FTBFS bugs on Debian and Ubuntu this weekend, explaining
what the failure is and a possible "solution".

> ### rsync ###
> Sergio and Christian are working on this merge from Debian, and I
> recall they mentioned its tests were failing with dgit.  It looks like
> a simple retrigger still failed on two test cases, but I wonder if dgit
> needs retriggered against the sqlite3 in -proposed as well?  I've done
> so with these triggers:
>         'sqlite3': '3.33.0-1',
>         'rsync': '3.2.3-1ubuntu1',

There's indeed a dgit bug, which I've already analyzed and have a fix.
I'll submit a patch for it soon (to Ubuntu and Debian).

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