Merge Opportunities Report - 2020-08-10

Sergio Durigan Junior sergio.durigan at
Mon Aug 10 16:10:03 UTC 2020

On Monday, August 10 2020, Bryce Harrington wrote:

> New Version in Debian Unstable
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> high  nut                       2.7.4-12                  2.7.4-11ubuntu4          

I'll take care of this one.

> high  squid                     4.12-1                    4.11-5ubuntu3            

I'm taking care of this one.

> high  tftp-hpa                  5.2+20150808-1.1          5.2+20150808-1ubuntu4    
> low   autofs                    5.1.6-3                   5.1.6-2ubuntu1           
> low   dnsmasq                   2.82-1                    2.81-4build1             
> low   exim4                     4.94-7                    4.94-2ubuntu1            

I did the last exim4 merge, so I can take care of this one.

> low   libvirt                   6.5.0-1                   6.0.0-0ubuntu11          
> low   nginx                     1.18.0-5                  1.18.0-3ubuntu2          
> low   nss                       2:3.55-1                  2:3.53.1-1ubuntu1        

I did the last nss merge, so I can take care of this one.

> low   python-django             2:2.2.15-1                2:2.2.12-1ubuntu1        
> low   qemu                      1:5.0-14                  1:5.0-5ubuntu4           
> low   rabbitmq-server           3.8.5-1                   3.8.3-0ubuntu1           

I'm taking care of this one.

> low   rsync                     3.2.3-1                   3.2.2-2ubuntu1           

Christian recently merged rsync, but this new version was released
containing a patch that I'd submitted to Debian.  I'll look into this
merge, which will probably be a sync.

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