Triage report (2020-04-30 + everything I had in my backlog)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Apr 30 17:59:06 UTC 2020

I had a few triage days in my backlog, postponed because of
release-related work. Today I cleared up everything. Bugs worth mentioning:

LP: #1439649 - *+(Won't Fix)    [pacemaker]      - Pacemaker unable to
communicate with corosync on restart under lxc

Here the wontfix is for Trusty, Bionic is Fix Released, while Xenial
needs a SRU if we want to get it fixes there, as noted by Rafael. I
tagged this server-next as it's actionable.

LP: #1861230 - (Expired)        [cyrus-sasl2]    - _sasl_plugin_load failed

This was left incomplete as the bug submitter can't reproduce it
anymore. The cause of the problem was not identified. Expired.

LP: #1384122 - +(Triaged)       [net-snmp]       - SNMPD defaultmonitors
not working

Fixed in Debian version 5.8+dfsg-1. In Focal and Groovy we have
5.8+dfsg-2ubuntu2, so I marked the bug as Fix Released.

LP: #1680115 - +(New)           [mysql-8.0]      - mysql-systemd-start
script does not work with datadir other than /var/lib/mysql

This is already fixed, I think the bug submitter is using an unsupported
version of Ubuntu. Asked for more info and marked the report Incomplete.

LP: #1870742 - (New)            [postgresql-common] - package
postgresql-common 173 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed
post-installation script returned error exit status 10

This is almost certainly a local configuration issue. I didn't spend
much time digging and marked it Incomplete for the moment. Let's see if
we get any reply.

LP: #1870818 - (New)            [apache2]        - apache2 security fix
in 2.4.43

This report mentions two CVEs which are already in the CVE tracker:

The bug is marked "public security". I'm leaving it as it is.

LP: #1851695 - *+(Invalid)      [nspr]           - DEP8
failure/regression in nspr on arm64 and armhf

This had some non-Invalid tasks for the notary package. As it's fixed in
Focal I marked them Fix released.

LP: #953876  - +(New)           [exim4]          - Can not specify
different DNSBLs for IPv4/IPv6

I pointed out that the bug should be filed upstream (IMHO) but left the
bug status as New.

LP: #953876 - (New)            [mysql-5.7]        - [FATAL] InnoDB: Page
[page id: space=114111, page number=804] still fixed or dirty

Valid bug report, reported & fixed upstream, but I couldn't find the
fixing upstream commit (!). Subscribed the team.

LP: #1672276 - (Confirmed)     [ebtables]         - ebtables-restore
error "Bad table name 'filter'"

Bug from 2007, still affects Xenial and Bionic but seems to be fixed in
Focal. Not surprising as all the tooling is not based on nftables. Now
sure on what we want to do with Xenial and Bionic, I couldn't identify a
patch to backport or something. Anyway I subscribed the team.

LP: #1875771 - (New)            [freeipmi]       - ipmi_locate segfault
on Focal

Bug report from Jeff Lane. I can't reproduce the crash. Asked for more
context information.

LP: #1875926 - (New)            [net-snmp]       - snmpd upgrade
(Bionic->Focal) changes Debian-snmp UID/GID

True, but he doesn't state what the problem is. Incomplete.

That's all!


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