20.04 release day publication of help.ubuntu.com

Doug Smythies dsmythies at telus.net
Wed Apr 22 21:17:03 UTC 2020

The release day publication (the job runs at noon UTC) of help.ubuntu.com will:

. change the "lts" and "stable" links as normal for the desktop help and installation guide, but delete them for the serverguide.
. redirects for the serverguide html and pdf have been added to .htaccess to send users to the new 20.04 locations.
  . note that it is impractical, as things will change, to map embedded links, so they are dropped. i.e., these requests:
    would become this:
  . note 2: I do not have a way to test this on my test server, so it might take a day or 5 to get right.
. the base page table entries for the serverguide are present, but will take the user to the new locations.
. the robots.txt file has been modified so that bots will no longer index the serverguide from here (there?).

... Doug

Note: There a troubles compiling the installation-guide, so there is only a place holder for now.

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