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Wed Apr 22 06:13:40 UTC 2020

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 4:31 PM Doug Smythies <dsmythies at> wrote:
> On 2020.04.21 00:03 Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 4:58 PM Doug Smythies <dsmythies at> wrote:
> >> On 2019.11.21 07:08 Doug Smythies wrote:
> >>> On 2019.11.20 23:00 Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> >>>> On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 12:11 AM Doug Smythies <dsmythies at> wrote:
> >>>>> On 2019.11.19 09:32 Joshua Powers wrote:
> >>
> >> Currently, "virt-* tools" shows on the table of contents column,
> >> but clicking the link goes to the source code page and not the
> >> published page.
> >
> > Hi Doug,
> > I didn't change anything, but for me "virt-tools" on [1] lead to [2]
> > which is the published page.
> > I saw you already made the change to the page content that you wanted to make,
> > but did you (or someone else) already fix this link as well or might this be
> > depending on who (user/browser/...) looks at it?
> >
> I attempted to fix the link last night my time, a few hours before your e-mail
> time stamp.
> I also had a conflict edit on that same page with Josh earlier yesterday, but
> do not yet now how to look up revision histories on discourse so don't
> know what he was doing.

At the top of the post (if it is a wiki type as our guide posts are)
there is a little counter which shows the number of versions.
It is a Number followed by a "pen on a paper" icon.
That opens up the history and you can switch through versions.

For example I see you adding the self-link to "Introduction" as last edit.
Josh before did change "virt-* tools" to "virt tools" and so on.

> I could not see my attempt to include that page at the time,
> it still went to the discourse source page instead, but I
> do see it this morning.
> I wonder if a new html page needs time to actually create or something,
> just like the PDF is only daily.

IIRC html usually rendered sub 30 minutes for me, mostly almost instantly.
And that seems to be true as your [2] has your last changes.

I haven't checked the PDF in the past so I don't know what to estimate.

But I agree that there the whole section of virt-tools is missing.
PDF directly goes from uvt to lxd skipping virt-tools.
Maybe that is why Josh updated the link?

There might be something missing on the virt-tools page.
Other than the majority of pages around it it was created by me (a
split from other virt* pages).
I have added the tags to the page and links from the introduction to
finally confirm it was rendered into HTML.

But I never checked the PDF, maybe there is some other tweak yet
unknown to me needed to properly render it into PDF as well.
I'll ask around and let you know if I find anything.

> > [1]:
> > [2]:

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