Triage/Migration report of the day

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Mon Sep 30 16:33:47 UTC 2019

Bugs last updated between 2019-09-27 (Friday) and 2019-09-29 (Sunday)
Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 21 bugs

LP: #1781526 - +(Won't Fix) [qemu] - Ubuntu18.04 - qemu patch to align
memory to allow 2MB THP

	- Already taken care by Christian (Fix Released and Won't Fix, per IBM

LP: #1840956 - +(Won't Fix) [qemu] - qemu-user-static fails to install
in WSL
	- Disco was verified by Christian (its Fix Committed right now)
	- Xenial is reported to be affected by me -> Work to do: subscribed

LP: #1841936 - *+(Fix Committed) [haproxy] - Rebuild haproxy with
openssl 1.1.1 will change features (bionic)

	- Christian added security team for advice and review, waiting on them.

LP: #1844834 - *+(Confirmed) [open-vm-tools] - open-vm-tools 11.0.0 released

	- This is a new merge to be done in 20.04.
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server team, already tagged server-next.

LP: #1845506 - +(Triaged) [libvirt] - Libvirt snapshot doesn't update
apparmor profile

	- Triaged by Christian, he will work on this.
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server

LP: #1845661 - +(Triaged) [mysql-8.0] - mysql-router binary ships
unnecessary shared objects in /usr/lib/mysql-router

	- Lacks description but since Lars is assigned and Robie subscribed I
did not change it.
	- I believe this is ubuntu-server, but will be done by Lars, subscribed
either way.

LP: #1580385 - (In Progress) [nmap] - /usr/bin/nmap:11: hascaptures:…

	- Subscribed ubuntu-server.
	- vtapia from seg is actively working in this bug. (customer issue perhaps)

LP: #1788098 - *(Invalid) [qemu] - Avoid migration issues with aligned

	- Added Disco as Fix Released (based on Frank's last comment)
	- Moved on, there is another QEMU related bug Christian already took care.

LP: #1815101 - (Triaged) [heartbeat]- [master] Restarting
systemd-networkd breaks keepalived, heartbeat, corosync, pacemaker
(interface aliases are restarted)

	- I'm currently working in this case, so ignored for triage.

LP: #1826158 - (Incomplete) [probert] - Failed to install guestOS
ubuntu-19.04-live-server-amd64.iso(GA) in ESXi with new installer
subiquity 19.04.5 when create VM with NVME disk

	- Yuhua from Vmware answered saying that any subiquity bigger than the
one present in ubuntu-19.04-beta-live-server-amd64.iso(beta) is buggy.
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server, moved tag to triaged and priority to
medium. I suspect this one should be taken care by the subiquity team,
unsure if something else is needed from myself here.

LP: #1833618 - (New) [sg3-utils] - failing to deploy Ubuntu Disco

	- Working on this today, subscribed myself, ubuntu-server.
	- Flagged this as high priority for both: sg3-utils and curtin.
	- Will start working on this right after Monday triage.

LP: #1836500 - (Expired) [open-vm-tools] - Starting vm hangs after
upgrading open-vm-tools from 2:10.3.5-7~ubuntu0.18.04.1

	- Christian, Bryce and Andreas provided feedback about this issue to user.
	- VMware also did provide feedback (mentioning their internal ticket,
opened by open-vm-tools maintainer, requested by Christian).
	- VMware said this was likely related to:
	- I let this case to continue expired, as case is complete about
workaround/mitigation/what to do next/possible root causes.

LP: #1845321 - (New) [qemu] - cinder-daemons autopkgtest must override
driver to use pymysql

	- autopkgtest blocking qemu migration (cinder & sqlalchemy vs mysqldb
	- Corey has provided a fix on top of the -proposed version
	- Christian provided a MYSQL8 ALTER syntax patch to Eoan package.
	- Corey has worked in Disco fix as well.
	- QEMU added just because of migration blocking.
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server, ubuntu-virt, moved on.

LP: #1845337 - (Confirmed) [qemu] - Disco autopkgtest @ armhf fails
root-unittests -> test-execute -> exec-dynamicuser-statedir.service

	- Christian masked armhf related test (systemd) due to changes in armhf
lxd environment (allowing nesting). That change made armhf autopkgtest
to start failing.
	- His MR needs review and merge (britney/hingts-ubuntu-disco).
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server.

LP: #1845562 - (Incomplete) [libvirt] - libvirt error Invalid value
'+cpu' for 'cgroup.subtree_control'

	- Asked user about the workaround (removing rtkit) and what were his
use cases for cgroupsv2 + realtime processes.
	- Case remained incomplete, subscribed ubuntu-server.
LP: #1845652 - (New) [rsync] - rsync sends everything, not just changes

	- Pointed to a stackexchange thread and flagged case as incomplete.

LP: #1845765 - (New) [asterisk] - asterisk-modules package built without

	- User states that AMR code was dropped after Xenial.
	- Explained that AMR patch was still there and asked for more information.
	- Flagged case as incomplete, subscribed ubuntu-server.

-- Server Next:

LP: #1843729 - (Confirmed) [byobu] - byobu ftbfs in eoan

	- issue is a FTBFS, cosmos-door provided a merge request asking Dustin
to review
	- merge seems alright, subscribed ubuntu-server
	- If Dustin doesn't merge anytime soon, this is something we could do
right away.
	- Robie tagged it server-next after my doubt during daily meeting.

LP: #1845845 - (Fix Committed) [byobu] - follow gnome-terminal  libexec

	- same merge request as LP: #1843729
	- Flagged as server-next (together with LP: #1843729)
	- Subscribed ubuntu-server

LP: #1845827 - (New) [qemu] - qemu-ga crashed with SIGABRT in raise()

	- qemu guest agent channel initalization race in eoan (crash)
	- server-next, ubuntu-server and ubuntu-virt for further work

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