Second Eoan Ermine test rebuilds

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Tue Sep 10 14:12:59 UTC 2019

On Mon, Sep 9, 2019 at 6:21 PM Matthias Klose <doko at> wrote:
> The second test rebuild of Eoan Ermine was started on September 06 2019 for
> all architectures, all components. The rebuild of the main component is
> finished, the other components (restricted, universe, multiverse) are still
> building.
> Unfortunately we see 1300+ build failures, and still counting ...  On the other
> hand the test rebuild includes the recent GCC, glibc packages, and the
> glib2.o/gtk packages synced from experimental.
> Results (please also look at the superseded builds) can be found at

This is quite a big list this time :-/
Let's check what is up for server to address most of them.

Started (listing owner and latest status):
dnsmasq - cpaelzer: fixed, MP is up to fix it in Eoan
dovecot-antispam - cpaelzer: analyzed, no build issue (LP bug on builders)
ipxe - cpaelzer: analyzed and fixed; suggested upstream
squid  - ahasenack: analyzed and fixed; suggested upstream
xen - I pinged smb that he should consider resolving that
simplestreams - chad/corey: this comes down to the py2 removal which
they are assigned
                          @rbasak to drop py2 in simplestreams uvtool
should drop it as well if there is a chance for an upload

Still open for grabbing:

Reply here if you had time to pick and look into one of those.

There also is a bunch of which I think go with the openstack Team,
probably all py2 removal consequences.
I have set James/Corey on CC so that they can confirm that those are
on their todo list.

> The report uses some additional color coding, marking packages different which
> always failed to build, or where the build failure is no regression compared to
> bionic.  The test rebuild already uses the linux-libc-dev 5.3 package found in
> the ubuntu-toolchain-r/volatile PPA.
> Additional build failures for packages in eoan-proposed (not yet in eoan)
> can be found at
> Please help fixing the build failures.
> There is also a test rebuild with link time optimization turned on by default
> (passing -flto=auto in CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS).  Other distributions turned these
> optimzations on by default, or are considering doing that.
> Packages to use -flto by default (dpkg) can be found in the
> ubuntu-toolchain-r/dpkg-lto PPA. WARNNING: Make sure to install these dpkg
> packages in a throw-away environment.
> Matthias
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