Triage/migration report: 16oct2019

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Wed Oct 16 17:28:04 UTC 2019

== Proposed Migration ==

six is still stuck due to python-pyeclib
* Andreas filed an 'update-excuses' bug, LP #1848237
* Corey Bryant has uploaded a fix for the package
--> No action; sounds like it should be fixed & off our list soon

== Triage ==

8 bugs, mostly no triager action needed, except one:

LP: #1848013 - (New)            [libaio]         - liburing package missing for >= 5.1 kernels
* Basically requesting packaging for a new liburing package
* Found an RPM but nothing in Debian yet
--> Retargeted from libaio to the New Package Requests queue
--> Suggested next steps+pointers for those interested in working on it

== Backlog ==

2 bugs in backlog, one for, one for mailman3.

LP: #1628053 - (Confirmed)      []      - Hangs when searching for a subnet for the docker0 bridge
* Original report was poorly defined, and has been me-too'd by a bunch
  of likely unrelated issues.  Upstream closed bug due to the misfocus.
* Problem(s) may be localized to xenial.
--> Closed as invalid, per upstream
--> Recommended filing SRUable bugs with specific test cases and patches.

LP: #1823493 - (Confirmed)      [mailman3]       - Message held for moderation crashes mailman when used with MySQL
* fixed in cosmic+newer, wants a bionic sru, but not enough info to
  diagnose problem or identify a fix.
--> Marked incomplete, unsubbed ubuntu-server, pointed to SRU docs.

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