Triage report ("Monday triage")

Bryce Harrington bryce.harrington at
Tue Nov 26 05:02:24 UTC 2019

## Bug Triage ##

Date range identified as: "Monday triage"
Found 10 bugs + 3 backlog

Only these needed any action:

LP: #1853494 - *(Confirmed)     [mysql-5.7]      - Add back WITH_SSL build parameter
* Security needs reproducer.  User provided workaround + stack trace.
* The suggested patch looks minimal and SRU-able to me.
--> Set to Incomplete and clarified what's required

LP: #1853636 - (New)            [mysql-5.7]      - Client SSL connection errors in 5.7.28
* The provided error message seems to be generic, just indicates version
  mismatch between client and server.  However, since this was caused by
  a stable update, seems to qualify as a legit regression and might need
  priority attention once understood.
--> Requested logs, since none were provided.
--> Marked regression-release

LP: #1641238 - (Triaged)        [apache2]        - as a reverse proxy, a 100 continue response is sent prematurely when a request contains expects: 100-continue
* Fix has been backported upstream, though not to the specific Apache
  versions xenial/trusty/bionic we have
--> Added respective bug tasks, medium priority

LP: #1782650 - (Triaged)        [nagios-nrpe]    - nrpe plugin in bionic fails with Error - Could not complete SSL handshake
* The bionic package expects v3 (2048-bit) keys and refuses to work with
  older keys.  Users would like a workaround to make it accept v2 keys.
* If I understand it, bionic <-> bionic and bionic <-> newer are
--> Added bug task for bionic, but eventually everyone will have to
  upgrade their keys anyway.  Don't see a need to bump priority up from
  Medium at this point.

## Proposed Migration ##

* psmisc's log looks like it hit a network error on armhf
  (connection timed out trying to reach ftpmaster.internal)
  -> Requested a rebuild

* libseccomp is blocked by systemd, which is failing autopkgtest on i386
  and s390x for two tests, 'root-unittests' and 'upstream'.  Looks like
  they've gotten re-test requests already by paelzer.  The failure for
  'root-unittests' appears to happen with this part of the log:

  Failed to add shmat() rule for architecture x86, skipping: Invalid argument
  Assertion 'p == MAP_FAILED' failed at src/test/test-seccomp.c:493, function test_memory_deny_write_execute_mmap(). Aborting.
  memoryseccomp-mmap terminated by signal ABRT.
  Assertion 'wait_for_terminate_and_check("memoryseccomp-mmap", pid,
  WAIT_LOG) == EXIT_SUCCESS' failed at src/test/test-seccomp.c:507,
  function test_memory_deny_write_execute_mmap(). Aborting.
  FAIL: test-seccomp (code: 134)

  s390x has similar output.

  I couldn't discern where the 'upstream' test case was failing.

* dovecot is marked "Valid candidate", but the reason it's on the excuses
  page is due to dovecot-antispam which apparently has an api version
  dependence and needs no-change rebuilds.

  -> Uploaded a no-change rebuild (not sure of the correct procedure,
    but this seems to be what's been done before.)

* exim4 was blocked, and sent me an email that it was stuck on the 22nd,
  but it seems not to be on the list today.  Maybe something already
  unstuck it?

* pyjwt is maybe stuck due to python-oauthlib?

* python-oauthlib lists a bunch of dependencies, not sure which is
  blocking it:
    * amd64: lptools, python-apport, python-launchpadlib,
      python-launchpadlib-toolkit, python-lazr.restfulclient,
      python-oops-datedir-repo, python-piston-mini-client,
      python-requests-oauthlib, python-ssoclient,
      python-ubuntu-kylin-sso-client.tests, sbuild-launchpad-chroot,
      software-center-aptdaemon-plugins, subiquity-tools,
      ubuntu-kylin-sso-client, ubuntu-kylin-sso-client-qt,

* ocfs2-tools is failing autopkgtest, and seems to be hitting some kernel
  panics, which I don't know if it's normal or exceptional:

  [    1.470204] md: ... autorun DONE.
  [    1.471873] VFS: Cannot open root device "PARTUUID=5b57f3f9-086a-4a7d-ae78-efdee8842586" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6
  [    1.475808] Please append a correct "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:
  [    1.478858] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)

  I don't know if it's relevant, but there was also a "Fail" on

  [[0;32m  OK  [0m] Listening on [0;1;39mD-Bus System Message Bus Socket[0m.
  [[0;1;31mFAILED[0m] Failed to listen on [0;1;39mSocket?r snap application lxd.daemon[0m.
  See 'systemctl status snap.lxd.daemon.unix.socket' for details.
  [[0;32m  OK  [0m] Listening on [0;1;39mUUID daemon activation

* subunit is stuck due to python-autopilot-trace (ppc64el)

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