Triage report (Thu 2019-11-21)

Paride Legovini paride.legovini at
Thu Nov 21 18:23:49 UTC 2019

# Triage

- 14 bugs to triage
- Interesting ones:

  - [LP: #1847484] tmux crashed with SIGSEGV
    Fixed upstream; probably a "patch on a plate" but probably not
    worth fixing in Ubuntu as tmux is a sync. I set the bug priority
    to Low as the crash happens only when using a bad config file

  - [LP: #1723392] Please update backuppc to 4.x release (now 4.2.1) 
    No activity in the Debian ITP bug. Backuppc is in main, and it
    would be nice to have v4.x in Focal. What do we do?
    Marked server-triage-discuss.

  - [LP: #1849859] error when connecting to smb server
    The user can't print via samba. The scenario is not easy to
    reproduce, unless one has not already a smb based printing
    setup in place. I'm not sure on how to triage this effectively;
    it is probably going to be a bigger "bug work" task.


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