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Doug Smythies dsmythies at
Thu Nov 21 15:07:46 UTC 2019

On 2019.11.20 23:00 Christian Ehrhardt wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 12:11 AM Doug Smythies <dsmythies at> wrote:
>> On 2019.11.19 09:32 Joshua Powers wrote:
>>> The new official home for the Ubuntu Server Guide is now live:
>>> On the bottom of each server guide page is a link to the specific
>>> Discourse page that contains the raw content. Users can now more easily
>>> make suggestions, point out errors, and fix bugs on pages. If a
>>> discourse page is updated the change is reflected within seconds on
>> What is the list of people that have sufficient rights to cause
>> an update to the published web pages?
>> I ask because this is a very restricted list [1] for,
>> on purpose. Additionally, I almost always publish on my own web server
>> first, to check, and have others (typically Gunnar) check before going live.
>> I worry about the potential for abuse, while at the same time welcome the ease
>> of use.
>> Actually, I only see the edit button available me for some pages. Why is that?
>>> Please continue to help revise the server guide with the latest
>>> information as we prepare for the Focal Fossa release!
>>> A PDF of the current version is coming soon.
>> Great.
>> One of the reasons we were anxious to see the compiled and
>> published web pages was so that we could see if those internal
>> links that were "???" would get sorted out. They don't, so
>> that'll have to be figured out. Example:
>> The first paragraph of [2] the ??? is supposed to say this:
>> "Remote Administration"
>> And the link is supposed to be to ... huh? ...
>> Oh, that chapter cover section is gone. Oh!, maybe
>> that is why the link is busted (it just so happened
>> to be the first one I tried).
>> O.K. So I went to look at the edit I did under the virt-install page,
>> But it is gone. What the hell? I see some recent edits deleting
>> very very important stuff. Why? I wrote that stuff and want it to stay.
> HI Doug,
> I can't answer the others but this one about virt-install I can.
> In the context of being the libvirt page it was overflowing and hard
> to find actual libvirt centric information.
> First of all I have to admit that I do not like virt-inst too much
> (but that is my personal problem I guess).
> virt-install is only in universe but people tend to rely on it (too
> much), causes continuous problems (silly/odd bug reports often come
> from this area), and tends to get people not realizing the much more
> consumable cloud images.
> But nevertheless what you are missing isn't gone forever anyway.

O.K. thanks for explaining.
For my part of it, the reason I like virt-install is because
it is a command line tool, and therefore good for a server, with no GUI.
I only use Ubuntu linux for servers.
(I do have desktop Ubuntu on some old computers and VMs, but just to help,
mainly Gunnar, with the desktop help publications at
Myself I have no interest in cloud and uvtool stuff.

> I have a set of further todos here to go further in this cycles doc
> update, that will probably:
> - split out virtinst/virt-clone to an extra page (as it is an
> alternative to uvtool / multipass that have extra pages as well)
>  - There I plan to bring back that content that you are missing atm

O.K. thanks for explaining.

> - Split virt-manager / virt-viewer to their own page as well (then it
> might have space for some screenshots)

These require a GUI.
Be careful with adding screenshots. Our doc-team experience has been that
they become a maintenance nightmare, requiring per cycle updating.
> - For the libvirt page itself there are other topics that much more
> make sense there (not sure how much of them I'll get covered)
>  - apparmor integration in libvirt and customizing it
>  - huge page usage through libvirt
>  - some extra content on passthrough

Extra passthrough content would be good. I see a lot of questions
about it on and ubuntuforums.

>  - ... (those are aligned to questions/bug/mistakes) that I've seen
> over the last years

Thank for your contributions, past and present, to the serverguide.

... Doug

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