Triage and Proposed migration report (Tuesday)

Christian Ehrhardt christian.ehrhardt at
Thu Nov 21 09:06:06 UTC 2019

I was taking over Tuesday for Andreas as I was looking a lot at
proposed migration anyway.

## Triage ##
I had 12 current updates in the queue, but also 2x 60 day and 1x 180
day expires.
Of the 12 10 already were in good shape.
A new samba bug needed some hints as there was a BZ with a fix and a
workaround already.
Another one was a FS error (or at least seems that way).

## Proposed migration ##

I was continuing where bryce left and replied to his thread
- exim4 - all good now
- python-boto has an MP to mark it a bad test for now

Aside the known todos around postgresql (where we wait a bit for the
remaining upstreams to have fixes) there was the following new to work
- memchached synced a new version from Debian FTBFS on i386
  self tests are broken it seems, for now I have triggered a rebuild
as in the past some
  tests were flaky. But this might become a FTFBS bug to be fixed.

- strongswan is still waiting in the new queue (actually only a rename) :-/
  I pinged in #ubuntu-release again

- libseccomp triggers issues in the somewhat infamous systemd tests on
i386 and s390x
  I'll later look into s390x to see if it is a real issue or just
retry-heavy :-/

Christian Ehrhardt
Staff Engineer, Ubuntu Server
Canonical Ltd

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