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On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 12:11 AM Doug Smythies <dsmythies at> wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> Thank you for getting the site up.
> I'll add the note and link from
> On 2019.11.19 09:32 Joshua Powers wrote:
> > The new official home for the Ubuntu Server Guide is now live:
> >
> >
> >
> > On the bottom of each server guide page is a link to the specific
> > Discourse page that contains the raw content. Users can now more easily
> > make suggestions, point out errors, and fix bugs on pages. If a
> > discourse page is updated the change is reflected within seconds on
> >
> >
> What is the list of people that have sufficient rights to cause
> an update to the published web pages?
> I ask because this is a very restricted list [1] for,
> on purpose. Additionally, I almost always publish on my own web server
> first, to check, and have others (typically Gunnar) check before going live.
> I worry about the potential for abuse, while at the same time welcome the ease
> of use.
> Actually, I only see the edit button available me for some pages. Why is that?
> > Please continue to help revise the server guide with the latest
> > information as we prepare for the Focal Fossa release!
> >
> > A PDF of the current version is coming soon.
> Great.
> One of the reasons we were anxious to see the compiled and
> published web pages was so that we could see if those internal
> links that were "???" would get sorted out. They don't, so
> that'll have to be figured out. Example:
> The first paragraph of [2] the ??? is supposed to say this:
> "Remote Administration"
> And the link is supposed to be to ... huh? ...
> Oh, that chapter cover section is gone. Oh!, maybe
> that is why the link is busted (it just so happened
> to be the first one I tried).
> O.K. So I went to look at the edit I did under the virt-install page,
> But it is gone. What the hell? I see some recent edits deleting
> very very important stuff. Why? I wrote that stuff and want it to stay.

HI Doug,
I can't answer the others but this one about virt-install I can.
In the context of being the libvirt page it was overflowing and hard
to find actual libvirt centric information.

First of all I have to admit that I do not like virt-inst too much
(but that is my personal problem I guess).
virt-install is only in universe but people tend to rely on it (too
much), causes continuous problems (silly/odd bug reports often come
from this area), and tends to get people not realizing the much more
consumable cloud images.
But nevertheless what you are missing isn't gone forever anyway.

I have a set of further todos here to go further in this cycles doc
update, that will probably:
- split out virtinst/virt-clone to an extra page (as it is an
alternative to uvtool / multipass that have extra pages as well)
  - There I plan to bring back that content that you are missing atm
- Split virt-manager / virt-viewer to their own page as well (then it
might have space for some screenshots)
- For the libvirt page itself there are other topics that much more
make sense there (not sure how much of them I'll get covered)
  - apparmor integration in libvirt and customizing it
  - huge page usage through libvirt
  - some extra content on passthrough
  - ... (those are aligned to questions/bug/mistakes) that I've seen
over the last years

> I guess I had better get a 20.04 server going so that I can test
> that these thing still work or maybe got changed.
> I'll be back at a later date.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] ???
> ... Doug
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