Ubuntu Serverguide - pending point release for 18.04 will be in English only.

Joshua Powers josh.powers at canonical.com
Tue Jun 18 04:13:15 UTC 2019


On 6/17/19 4:14 PM, Doug Smythies wrote:
> On 2019.06.17 12:30 Frank Heimes wrote:
>> glad to hear about the move to git 
>> - already any more details on the 'markup' language?
> Last I knew (September), there were two contenders,
> as proposed by the Canonical Docs team. Excerpt
> from Josh Powers (Reference, my archives: 2018.09.28 10:38) below:

As Doug has mentioned the server guide is in dire need of updates. The
Canonical server team agreed that we would devote some time to work to
transitioning the existing serer guide to a system that easier for

I was hoping to show off the new guide once we actually had some content
in place and encourage contributions, fixes, and new topics in
preparation for the next LTS.


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