Netplan and high availability

James Hebden james at
Wed Oct 17 00:09:07 UTC 2018

On Wed, Oct 17, 2018 at 01:24:03AM +0200, Harald Weidner wrote:
> Hello,
> > Currently netplan removes interfaces it does not manage on any
> > change (netplan apply).
> > 
> > Please point me to some recommendations for implementing a high
> > availability cluster or pair in Bionic with IP fail over.
> I think the easiest solution is to replace Netplan by ifupdown(2)
> or systemd-networkd.
> That said, ifupdown2's "ifreload -a" leaves all interface untouched,
> unless you changed anything regarding this interface.

Do you get the same behaviour if you use an alias interface in your
keepalived configuration? This configured keepalived to behave in a
similar way to pacemaker/crm, in that it will create an secondary
interface attached to the configured interface, which will be configured
with the VIP.

For example, if your interface is eth0, and you provide an alias of
eth0:1, eth0:1 will be configured with the virtual IP, and eth0 will
retain whichever IP is configured in your netplan if ifupdown

e.g. -
virtual_ipaddress dev eth0 label eth0:1

I don't have a netplan-enabled box on-hand to test, but I'd be curious
if it helps.


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