ubuntu server 16.04 and ovirt-guest-agent

Stephan Hermann-Strauß stephan.hermann at posteo.de
Wed Jun 13 12:16:37 UTC 2018


I don't know whether this is the correct mailinglist - if not, I would 
be glad about better suggestions! :-)

We run a bunch of virtual ubuntu servers 16.04 on a kvm/ovirt 
infrastructure and have ovirt-guest-agent installed inside 
the guests.
Since we updated ovirt to version 4.2 the guest-agents fail to start. It 
seems that we ran into this issue:


As far as I understand this issue is fixed in ovirt-guest-agent version 
Is there any hope that there will be an update to 1.0.13 from the ubuntu 
xenial repositories?

Thanks a lot for any hint

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