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Thu Apr 5 22:26:04 UTC 2018

Cloud init is a tool that can be installed on a server.  It runs at boot
time and handles configuration of the server.

It's primarily designed for use in cloud environments, where the cloud
providers have a location accessible to that server only, that provides
the server with details like network configuration, or the ssh-key that
the user wants to use for protecting logins.

That allows a standardised installation to be passed out to all users,
without relying on some default password, for example, or without it
knowing all about network topology.


On 4/5/18 14:01, Steve Dupuis wrote:
> Not wishing to appear to be too dense, what exactly is cloud-init? Is it
> like Redhat's Openshift or something else.
> I've gone through the mail archives and I can't find anything that just
> explains what it is and what it's for ...
> Regards,
> Steve Dupuis
> Ottawa, Canada

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