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Dave Walker davewalker at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 25 22:03:04 UTC 2017

Server actually made this call before Desktop :) ..

We tried to drop it back in 12.04..  this was the first release where we
tried to introduce wacky stuff on the installer (MAAS etc).

We kept seeing user issues with i386 installs, the most memorable being:
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/962992 (I proxied that
bug report on behalf of a very experienced internal user)

We also saw people deploying 32bit virtualisation platforms, and being
frustrated to learn they could not run amd64 guests.

Discussing with our users, it turned out that many of them were using 32
bit because they thought it was the most appropriate download "as they were
running on Intel not AMD" and such.  So we tried to make the 32 bit harder
to get.

>From ubuntu.com it was not possible to download 12.04 server i386... at all.

There was an agreement that we'd continue to support the netinstaller i386
image and build the i386 fat image, but we massively reduced the QA with
the expectation that it would quickly get into a bad state - and disappear
within a few releases.

People kept fixing it.. so it stayed... but it wasn't supposed to be part
of future release line ups.

I'm not sure the re-introduction was intentional.. I suspect it just
slipped back in.

More info:

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

On 25 October 2017 at 22:04, Josh Powers <josh.powers at canonical.com> wrote:

> Hi ubuntu-server,
> During the last cycle a proposal [1] was sent to the ubuntu-devel list
> around discontinuing the production of an i386 image for server and
> desktop live. I do not recall seeing any major objections to removing
> the server image, but no action was taken. The desktop image is no
> longer produced.
> I want to revisit this discussion for the 18.04 cycle and even go so far
> as to propose that the classic img/iso no longer get produced for i386.
> I am inviting thoughts, objections, discussion from the ubuntu-server
> mailing list.
> Thanks!
> [1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2017-May/039789.html
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Dave Walker
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