Timeout for Ubuntu Server ISO bootsplash

Leroy Tennison leroy at datavoiceint.com
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Be careful here, I have a situation where an ISO-based install (both DVD and USB stick) doesn't display anything on screen (It's a headless unit, I tried every serial configuration change I could find to no avail, finally pulled the hard drive and did the install on a laptop). The last thing we want is for an accidental "Enter" to do something destructive. From what I've read that wouldn't happen in this situation but I did want to raise the awareness of things which do happen "in the field". 

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On trans-oceanic links, 5 seconds is maybe cutting it a bit short, but 
I wouldn't make it past 15. 

I am a +1 on making this change and would also prefer longer than 5 
seconds. 15 sounds like a nice compromise. 


This discussion makes me wonder, how many people do ISO based Server 
installs and would be affected by this? 
Before things like MAAS came about, I very rarely did ISO based 
installs of server OSs, we always automated via preseeds or kickstart 
scripts and PXE booting. 

I'm not commenting for or against, and for the record, I too would say 
15 seconds is a good compromise. I'm really just asking to satisfy my 
own curiosity. 



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