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Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Tue Feb 28 20:21:20 UTC 2017

Ian Nicholson:
> If the ultimate goal is to encourage contributions, I think it would be
> more effective to work on offering reasonable tasks to newbies.

 > Muri is a Japanese word meaning "unreasonableness; impossible; beyond
 > one's power; too difficult; by force; perforce; forcibly;
 > compulsorily; excessiveness; immoderation".
 > Muri can be avoided through standardized work.

In my experience most tasks are hard only because their processes and 
manuals are overcomplicated. When those are made clear usually working 
becomes trivial.

This means:
- Conversational language, understandable by anyone.
- Details into sub-pages as much as possible.
- Easy to change any time by anyone.
- More screen-shots, less words.
- Covers 90% of common cases, and leaves the rest for asking.

So the idea is designing things to be easy to anybody, instead of 
assuming everyone is an expert. If you observe that's why the Python 
programming language is that successful, for example.

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