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Nathan Haines nhaines at
Tue Feb 28 00:42:32 UTC 2017

On 02/27/2017 08:00 AM, Doug Smythies wrote:
> Very true, and a good point.
> Debugging some mistake is very very annoying and time consuming.
> In terms of warnings and error messages, I have no experience with the proposed
> Markdown method.

Because it's made to look like plain-text, I do have to say that 
debugging Markdown is one of the simplest things there is.  Even GEdit's 
syntax highlighting is sufficient, although there are plenty of of other 
live-preview editors out there as well.

>> Find a format that the average person can use to write new material for Ubuntu Server without
>> having to devote an inordinate amount of time learning compared to the time they will spend writing.

That definitely describes Markdown.  It's the least obtrusive markup 
system I've seen.

Nathan Haines
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