Call for Testing: NGINX 1.10.3 with Dynamic Modules

Thomas Ward teward at
Wed Feb 15 00:47:11 UTC 2017

Hi, all!

I've been working on the merge of nginx from Debian for the Zesty cycle
for some time.  We're technically ahead of Debian so it's a little bit
more evil of a merge, but I think we have something that we can finally
start testing with for Zesty.

The current potential candidate NGINX packaging for merging is located
in a PPA currently [1], with a version string of "+test#" at the end,
indicating it's a test build but also a specific # of test builds.  When
uploaded to the main repository, it won't have that.

I'd like some help testing some important parts.  Basically, there's
three sets of tests I currently need to worry about:

(1) Fresh install in Zesty.  That is, a Zesty system that doesn't have
any nginx or prior configs on it, and fresh installations of nginx-core,
nginx-light, nginx-extras, or nginx-full, and the dependencies.

(2) Upgrade Installation - Zesty 1.10.3-0ubuntu1 -> Zesty
1.10.3-0ubuntu2+test3 (the current test build).  That is, install the
nginx that's already in Zesty, then install this updated version.  Same
flavor tests as in test case 1.

My deadline here is FeatureFreeze, but if we can't get tests done by FF,
then I'll file for an FF, though tests should still be completed.

If the server team could help me out with these tests, that'd be great.  :)

Thomas Ward
Ubuntu Server Team Member
LP: ~teward


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