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Louis Bouchard louis.bouchard at
Fri Mar 18 09:58:21 UTC 2016


Le 18/03/2016 00:27, Peter Matulis a écrit :
> Maybe it is time for radical changes. We don't get contributions so why are we
> so concerned about translations? Translations of what? To be honest, I favour
> pruning guide to bare essentials, changing what's left to Markdown, and going
> from there. Putting it all in a git tree on Launchpad would be but a detail.

I tend to agree with Peter here. And if a move to Markdown is the target, then
why not migrate the Markdown result to the lp:git repository in the process ?

Keep the bzr branch XML formatted doc as the reference of where we are, and the
lp:git Markdown migrated doc as where we want to go. Keep bzr modifications to a
minimum so the delta remains small and by the time we have a complete Markdown
version of the document, we will have migrated to lp:git.

I suppose that using some XML -> Markdown translator could facilitate the effort.

I do admit that editing XML is a definitive barrier to contribute to me :-/

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