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Doug Smythies dsmythies at
Thu Mar 17 22:07:17 UTC 2016

On 2106.03.17 14:11 Serge Hallyn wrote:

> I'm working (in the background) on a new lxd section.  I'm writing the draft
> in the github markdown format.

Serge, thanks. I recall your lxc contribution was very good and much appreciated.

> I recall there was some discussion on this
> before, so just to make sure - are we still using xml format and the bzr
> tree?

Docbook XML still and bzr, yes.

> Any chance of switching to a lp git tree? :)

Fundamental change suggestions do keep coming up.
Myself, I do not fully understand all the workflow
issues associated with such major changes, including
translations work flow impacts. Nor would I know how to
detail and estimate a complete project plan, both in terms
of a viable timeline and person power estimates. i.e. I don't
know how to do the due diligence project planning required
to work towards a go / no go decision.
Peter Matulis might have a comment.

... Doug

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