Thoughts on "usd-merge commit"

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Mon Jun 13 12:58:11 UTC 2016

Hi Nish,

Thank you for fixing the refs issue. A couple more thoughts/surprises:

1) I understand that it's in the definition of what it does, but it
still surprises me a little that a command called "commit" also tags.
I can't think of a better name to call it though.

2) It also surprised me a little that although I had your merge branch
checked out, "usd-merge commit" didn't move HEAD up but did move
ubuntu/yakkety up. Is this also a little wrong - shouldn't it be
ubuntu/yakkety-proposed because there's no guarantee that the upload
will pass proposed migration?

Presumably I would need to push to the repository before uploading, so
that the importer will pick up my commit in favour of importing its own
even after we have it running automatically. I wonder though if it would
be better to push to some other branch or tag (or even no branch, just
the upload/<version> tag), and let the importer pull that into the
correct pocket branch?

If so, could it detect that the one of the parents of my upload commit
is the same as that of the current pocket branch pointer, and just move
the pocket branch pointer up? Is this logic sound?


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