Question about DPDK performance on bare-metal VS virtual

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> >  BTW, is it possible to translate those qemu options, into a Libvirt XML?
> > Very annoying to deal with those commands...
> I believe virsh has domxml-to-native/native-to-domxml commands. "native"
> type can be specified as qemu-argv, iirc.
> Hi,
for Thiagos current need it really is even easier - You have a few places
you care about regarding dpdk
- mutliqueue for virtio-nics to use them from a guest
- shared huge page memory when using vhost_user
- vhost_user based nics + multiqueue for those

All of them have libvirt XML sections now, no commandline nor even
qemu-argv needed at all.
That is what I pointed to the serverguide for as I have examples of all
these sections there.

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