Xenial on USB stick install can't detect itself

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Thu Apr 7 02:20:24 UTC 2016

On 07/04/16 04:55, Seth Arnold wrote:
> Which image did you start from?

Unfortunately I'm not 100% sure now. It might have been a beta2 or a daily
from a week ago.

> I did a recent hardware install using ubuntu-16.04-beta2-server-amd64.iso
> (0f948fea5a587a62a873d2c001948a6ffbda20b67b05a468006caf9dfd41bcd7) and was
> able to see both the USB installer stick as well as the usb keyboard I
> used to drive the installation.

The usb stick with the server iso is fine and the usb keyboard/mouse works
okay on this hardware, it's the destination installation on yet another usb
stick that is the problem. When I boot onto the installed OS the initrd does
not detect the partition UUID and drops me to the initramfs prompt and the
usb keyboard also does not work so I can't really investigate what's missing
but it sure seems like some essential usb initrd or kernel modules are missing
on the installed to usb stick.

Like I say, I've done this many dozens of times before without an issue so if
something like this is happening for an LTS release then that is a concern.

I boot the ext4-based OS (and swap) usb stick from an internal usb slot in a
HP microserver so that I don't have to partition the 4 btrfs raid-1 drives.

Perhaps xenial server has not been well tested on small-iron servers.

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