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Thu Nov 19 02:36:14 UTC 2015

Quoting oomprakash at (oomprakash at
> Hi Ubuntu Server Team, 
> I am Om Prakash Singh and am working with unix/Linux system admin support and
> engineering for a firm in India. I had been using ubuntu from quite some time
> around 5 years, and I am at a quite proficient level for supporting ubuntu on
> my desktop. My core work areas includes working along with different type of
> HW and managing Linux server support on them. In the recent few months I had
> been involved in working with testing environment like autotest and
> configuration management system as puppet. These technologies had mad me
> quite interested in understaing the core architecture on how the OS is
> planned and build. I am keen to join you guys in helping and contributing
> towards the growing ubuntu culture. and would be very happy to work along
> with someone who can mentor me for the time being. Please consider my
> application to join and contribute. 

Hi, welcome, we're delighted to have you :)

A few things I would suggest,

1. Join #ubuntu-server on freenode.  If you have questions you can ask them
there; if you see questions asked to which you either have the answer or can
help research/point toward the answer, join in!

2. Join (or lurk at) the weekly Ubuntu server team meeting on #ubuntu-meeting
on freenode, Tuesdays at 16:00 UTC.  You can see the agenda at The second and third agenda items in
particular (xenial development and assigned bugwork) will give you an idea of
things we are all working on.

well that's a decent start :)  The top of the server team knowledge base at points to a list of open
server related bugs.  If some bug or class of bugs interests you, feel free
to discuss on #ubuntu-server.


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