Merge review report [2014-03-20]

Robie Basak robie.basak at
Thu Mar 20 12:37:54 UTC 2014

I've been thinking about doing a regular throrough review of all
packages that we [server team] look after, to ensure that no essential
package unnecessarily ships a version that is significantly older than
the last relevant freeze date.

So I got on with it. To start with, I looked at all packages that
~ubuntu-server is subscribed to, using [1].

We don't currently have a priority list for these, so I just looked for
packages that looked important to me, or otherwise whose versions are
user-facing (eg. apache2, php5). I figured this would do for a start.

Things I found:

* genshi: python3-genshi was broken in Trusty due to it being actively
worked on by Barry. This is now fixed.

* golang: we should have tar xattr support from Debian 2:1.2.1-2, which
appears to block James has just merged this.

* this wasn't in the list; James mentioned this one.
~ubuntu-server is now subscribed for next time. I notice that James has
just filed an FFe [2].

* leveldb: 1.15.0-2 enabled proper testing at build time for all
[Ubuntu] architectures. Now synced.

That's it. I think we're in good shape for Trusty.

Since we're in feature freeze, I skipped anything that looked too
invasive. I also don't currently have debian/watch status for any
-0ubuntu* packages in this report, and I did skip reviewing packages
where I don't think it's as important to have the latest version anyway.
These are things I hope to fix next time.

So for next time, I'd like to:

1) Arrange the list in some kind of priority order.

2) See debian/watch status for -0ubuntu* packages.

3) Support some kind of suppression for newer versions already reviewed.


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