Aiming for Qemu 2.0 in 14.04

Doug Smythies dsmythies at
Thu Mar 13 21:08:14 UTC 2014

Note: I did not include the developer list on this reply because I am not on
that list.

On 2014.02.15 Serge Hallyn wrote:

> It would be great if people could start testing the version in this ppa
> possible, as early as possible.

After Ubuntu desktop 14.04 actually started working, things have been great
until today.

Now, I can not get my VNC client to communicate with my Ubuntu Desktop VM.
Everything is fine and I can see it start up and such but then I always get:

"Error in TightVNC Viewer: Error in protocol: Incorrect size of rectangle"

Note: it has been a few days since I have run 14.04 Server on this test
computer (and that is the one that is set to use the qemu 2 ppa), as I had
work to do under the 12.04 server partition on the same computer. I did
update after I booted into 14.04 and the re-booted.

... Doug

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