Aiming for Qemu 2.0 in 14.04

Jamie Strandboge jamie at
Tue Mar 11 16:43:57 UTC 2014

On 02/26/2014 12:40 PM, Serge Hallyn wrote:
> Hi,
> as shown
> we are hoping to get Qemu 2.0 into 14.04.  This is tricky due to
> the timing - Qemu 2.0 release is scheduled for April 4
> ( ), with freeze for 14.04 being
> April 10.  However, the drastic reduction in patches carried in
> the package, given the length of the LTS cycle, would be worthwhile.
> In an attempt to shake out bugs as early as possible, I've started
> building packages based on current git HEAD at ppa:ubuntu-virt/candidate.
> This seems to be testing quite well for me on amd64.  It would be
> great if people could start testing the version in this ppa where
> possible, as early as possible.
> If we do run into bugs, we can hopefully get them fixed upstream before
> release.  If we can't get them fixed, then we'll know to stick with the
> 1.7 based qemu for 14.04.

Seems that libvirt snapshots are not working correctly with
2.0~git-20140307.4c288ac-0ubuntu2. Eg:

$ virsh snapshot-create-as test-saucy-amd64 pristine "uvt snapshot"
error: internal error: Child process (/usr/bin/kvm-img snapshot -c pristine
/home/jamie/vms/machines/test-saucy-amd64.qcow2) unexpected exit status 1:
libvirt:  error : cannot execute binary /usr/bin/kvm-img: No such file or directory

/usr/bin/kvm-img used to be part of qemu-utils, but
2.0~git-20140307.4c288ac-0ubuntu2 doesn't ship it.

Creating a symlink to /usr/bin/qemu-img from /usr/bin/kvm-img makes this error
go away and things seem to work, but I've not reviewed/tested if this is the
correct fix.

Jamie Strandboge       

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