Virtual machine into a ISO file

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at
Thu Oct 17 12:22:49 UTC 2013


> HEy guys,
> I have a virtual machine running on KVM, I saw that I can convert to 
> an ISO, do you know if it is any way to convert this ISO in ISO 
> install, I mean, create a ISO file that install my native virtual 
> machine over the machine where the ISO file is started...
> makes sense? could you help me?

There exists a package named remastersys. But the author of this program 
stopped developing it. Also there exists a fork of remastersys called 
"OS4: System Imager". And there is a tool called relinux but this seems 
to be in an early development stage.
But I never used them and do not how good they are.


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