Fujitsu BX900/DX90 installation problem

Andy Igoshin ai at
Mon Oct 7 17:40:00 UTC 2013


i try to install ubuntu 13.04 server on Fujitsu BX900 (BX924S3 diskless
blade) whose storage is Fujitsu DX90 iSCSI target (iSCSI boot).

in the BX924S3 blade Emulex CNA 10G adapter is used. this device has
hardware iSCSI support. i configure iSCSI initiators on it. after that
corresponding LUNs become visible in the BX924S3 blade's BIOS.

ubuntu installer does not detect LUNs available in such a way.
i think its "Detect disks/login to iSCSI target" functionality supposes
starting of software iSCSI initiator in the OS instead of detecting and
working with LUNs connected via Emulex CNA adapter.

at the same time system successfully detects the presence of Emulex CNA
adapter. also in the OS i see loaded components be2iscsi/*.

SLES 11 SP3 and CentOS 6.4 successfully detect such hardware configuration.
they are installed, run and work (i have corresponding dmesg and lsmod).

are there any chances that this hardware configuration will also work in
ubuntu in the nearest future?


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